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Jesco is a distributor of the ArtiCube brand. ArtiCube is a producer of glass cooling machines. The machines make use of liquid carbon dioxide. The Hi-Tech concept not only cools your drinks, it is also a visual experience.

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ArtiCube was founded in 2009, after years of research and collaboration of a group of companies.

The company is proud to say that Articube products have excellent and unique properties. Easy and safely, glasses can be served in seconds at temperatures up to-55C. It also lowers the cost of cooling glasses, can adapt to any space and surface, and it leaves no waste because it does not produce water.

The Articube technology is designed to do not detract from the taste of the drinks, but to enhance its virtues and properties.


Articube products readily available

Looking for a state-of-the-art machine glass-cooling machine to sell to your customers? Look no further, this technology is now available through Jesco; your Articube supplier in the BeNeLux!

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