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With the principle of technical and service excellence that Jesco found in providing every Gent’s home, commercial or industrial needs when it comes to cooling technology, Jesco also presents their very own brand: Kitchenplus!

Young but mighty, Jesco is eager that this will be one of the competitive brands and top choices when it comes to refrigeration needs!

Kitchenplus comes in three categories; fridges/ freezers, coolers/ freezers, and workbenches.

KitchenPlus M5

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KitchenPlus E3

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Kitchenplus blast chiller/freezer offers wide function perfect for your needs! It has a 5 to 7 inch “full touch” touchscreen and has a stylish and solid design. It has a defrost program for faster frozen products defrosting. It also specializes a quick cooling and shock freezing from 90C to 3C in 90 minutes and from 90C to -18C in 240 minutes and is beneficial for the treatment of bacteria and disinfectants of raw fish. The unit also allows three core needles or core probe with three measuring points.

Kitchenplus blast chiller/freezer can be programmed easily and equipped with USB. It has a drying function to prevent mold and odor formation and can be equipped with ozone sterilizer that helps maintain cleanliness. Jesco supplies around fourteen blast chillers/freezers models such as M5, M8, M10, M15, M18, M20, MCR20, and MBF230 varying from sizes and capacity.

Meanwhile, Jesco Kitchenplus refrigerator/freezer have eight models (SG30, SG32, SG78, SG80, EG30, EG32, EG78, EG80). All of these are available in gastronomy and bakery needs, has easy to operate controller and complete with HACCP functions. All has better insulation and reduces energy consumption also!

By having an own brand, we, Jesco, believe that we can now fully provide and serve solutions together with the brands we are proudly having!

KitchenPlus K130