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For over twenty-five years now, Retigo found success by its narrow specialization on high quality and affordable Steam Combi Oven. Retigo has been helping professionals in the foodservice industry since 1994 by Czech owners and remains one of the last independent manufacturers of Combi Ovens in the world.

Food preparation by the expert team of cooks is now easier with the help of the Combi Oven that is designed in every modern kitchen. This equipment features a functional design refined to the last detail, intuitive control, and excellent insulation properties and also offers advanced functions including automatic cleaning or economic water and electricity consumption for every model.

Retigo believes that to succeed, a company should not only tops the sales but shall also be consistent on the post-sales services. Thus, the company also ensure to help the customers in selecting the most optimal model for their business needs to ensure full utilization and investment satisfaction.

Retigo Combi Oven comes in two categories; the Blue and Orange Vision.

Retigo O611 I/BC

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Retigo B1221 I/BC

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Food preparation does not only needs a team of experts but also high-quality equipment to become more efficient and fully serve customers! And if you are into daily kitchen grind, a multifunctional appliance would be a great edge! And just right at your hand, Jesco is now a Retigo supplier in Gent!

Every food preparation is now easy and maximized because of this large, intelligent oven! The Blue and Orange Vision combi oven is a single cooking system that can be used for all types of food prep like baking, frying, grilling, stewing, steam cooking, and low-temperature overnight cooking. It can be operated in both manual or automatic mode. The brain of this appliance is an operating system via an intuitive control panel wherein a favorite program can be recorded via USB connector. To ensure proper cooking, the combi oven is equipped with a temperature probe inside the food, a hand shower for cooling the cooking chamber, basting, a flap valve for venting excess steam and other helpful features.

Thanks to Retigo Vision, as cooking multiple meals simultaneously without smell or flavor cross-contamination is now possible! This technology is highly valuable in increasing kitchen productivity and efficiency without compensating the quality of prepared meals. The model ranges from preparation of 30 up to 900 meals! All in HACCP control!

Take note that all accessories for both models are also available in Jesco may it be a gastronorm pans, baking trays, vent hood, oil gun, stands, ride-in trolleys and brackets or even a vision smoker.

Retigo B623 IC