Serrco is a young company that has quickly become a household name in beverage cooling. From bottle coolers to bar fridges, our Serrco offer responds perfectly to the needs of every catering company.

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Despite being a young company, Serrco has established its name in delivering high-quality refrigeration equipment specifically for the beverage industry. Serrco products range from barrel coolers, bottle coolers, water bath coolers and glass freezers, founded in 2005 by people with more than twenty years of experience in commercial cooling.

The company is also known for providing flexibility in the production of customer-customized PRODUCTS OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer and the delivery of components and subassemblies. Serrco is based in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, while the production facilities are located in (Eastern) Europe and Asia.

Serrco also supports environmentally friendly cooling by promoting the use of HFK refrigerants and LED lighting, reducing energy consumption to more than 35. To further improve the technology, Serrco also launched the Combi-line in 2016 – a new standard in professional bottle cooling. The device consists of drawers, bottle racks and glass doors.

Serrco SDC Presentation Cooling
Serrco SCL-22 MU/US

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