Covid-19 and Jesco


Dear customers,

As a result of the government’s decisions to prevent the spread of the virus, our organisation must also comply with the recommendations.

This means that:

  • Our organization works with closed doors.
  • We remain available on the known fax and telephone numbers and email addresses
  • There are no more counter sales.
  • Our customers must submit their orders by email, telephone or fax in advance, if they are picked up from us.
  • Ordered goods for self-collection will be placed/placed outside in a designated place.
  • Members of our team who can work from home will do this. Those who cannot do so will work at a safe distance.
  • No urgent deliveries with our national distribution partner (GLS) will be sent.
  • We ask our customers to inform us about their situation regarding the receipt of ordered goods.
  • These measures will continue until the government decides to lift them.

In this we inform that Jesco has enough stock to be able to deliver all orders quickly.

We wish everyone the best in this exceptional time.

We remind you once again to strictly follow the personal hygiene instructions of the government.

The Jesco team

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